The festive season brings with it joy, celebration and a lot optimism. It is that time when we look back and see how far we have come and promise ourselves that the next year, we will do better and be better. In the spirit of bettering ourselves, here are a few resolutions worth making for 2017
    1. 1. Talk less and listen more

    We tend to miss some valuable life lessons when we are too focused on trying to add to the conversation rather than take away from it. It is good to contribute to a discussion but make sure you don’t miss out on what is being said while trying to figure out what to say yourself.

      2. Dream Big

    I’m sure you heard of the expression that if your dreams don’t scare you then they aren’t big enough. Don’t limit your dreams and goals to your current circumstances because circumstances change and opportunities present themselves and if you are not open to them, you will miss them. Dream big, you won’t accomplish great things if you don’t dream them and believe you can.

      3. Read More

    Information is power. Read more books, research more and always be eager to learn. In the age of technology, information is literary on your fingertips so ignorance is a choice. Reading books whether educational or entertaining helps to improve your language so read as much as you can, whenever you can. Google is your friend too, find out what is happening in your industry, new trends and if you hear new words and concepts, google them. Remember, learning never ends.

      4. Take care of your body

    Your health is your greatest wealth. You cannot achieve your goals if your body gives up on you so eat well, exercise, drink lots of water. Keep in mind, garbage in garbage out. You can only be efficient if you are a well-oiled machine or so to speak.

      5. Take risks

    Nothing great was ever accomplished without risk. Push yourself to take risks even the smallest ones, you will never know what you truly can accomplish of you don’t push your limits every now and then. Start that business, make that investment, share that idea….you’ll never know till you try.

      6. Treat yourself

    You have made it this far and accomplished all that you have set out to accomplish so treat yourself, you deserve it. It is important to remember to appreciate yourself and invest in yourself. A little vacation, getaway, new bag or shoes or clothes, that spa treatment you’ve been dying for once in a while isn’t such a bad thing. Remember, at the end of it, you have to enjoy the fruits of your labor, after all, you earned it.

      7. Forgive more

    It is important for your peace of mind and overall wellness that you forgive those who have done you wrong and move on. Bitterness and anger will only eat you from the inside and the only person who will be losing is you. Let bygones be bygones and trust that everything happens for a reason; you will be better for it.

      8. Try something new

    Get out of your comfort zone and try something new. Go out and do something you’ve never done before; hike on Mt. Longonot or even the Ngong Hills if you want to start small, go sky-diving, bungee jumping, rock climbing, GP Karting, ice skating or paintballing.

      9. Start Saving

    Bachelor or not, you need to start saving. Your youth is the best time to start putting away some cash for your future, save while you still have little to no responsibilities. Do something today that your future self will thank you for. Responsibilities will only grow as you grow older so make sure you have a cushion for tough times.

      10. Give back to society

    Do something that is bigger than yourself; help those in need, visit a children’s home with some food and clothing, grow some trees, don’t waste water or support a good cause. Leave the world a better place than you found it. Make a change; be the change.

  • Happy holidays!

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