If I have to tell you about social media, you must have time travelled from the past. Jokes aside, social media platforms have been around for years and it has been widely accepted and why wouldn’t be? It connects us, regardless of where we are. Apart from connecting people, we have also embraced it for connecting businesses to their customers. And as far as business goes, having a strong online presence is no longer a plus but a necessity.

Businesses have been on social media and other digital platforms for quite some time, so why I’m I bringing it up today? Whereas for most large corporations, being digital is accepted as essential, we still have small business owners who do not believe that their businesses need an online presence so I’m here to tell them why they should get on that digital wave and ride it into the future of business.

Having a strong online presence is important, doing digital marketing is equally as important.

Picture your everyday customer; that campus student, the mom, the businesswoman, the accountant…they are in need of your service and someone gives a recommendation, “try business x, they provide the service”. Being in the digital era we are in, the first thing that person will do is google business x to get information about the services they provide. If you have a website and your website ranks well in google search results, you pass the first step; your customer has found your website and now has access to information about your services. They have perused through your website, which at this point has given you some credibility as a business, now they have some questions about rates, quantities, after-sale-services and so on.

The next step for them is getting their questions answered before they decide if they will buy your product/service. They might get your contact from your website and call or they will get in touch with you through social media. Therein comes 2 important questions; 1. Are you on social media? 2. If you are, are you readily available round the clock to answer all queries? If your answer to both questions is yes, then you are doing well for your business. If the answer is no, don’t worry it is not too late to make some changes. Get someone to manage your social media profiles and pages for your business. I know we love cost cutting and choose to do it ourselves but if you have tried to do it yourself, you know it is a full time job and you can’t do it all so stick to what you do best, running your business and outsource the service to the experts.

Having a strong online presence is important, doing digital marketing is equally as important. How do you get your business website on the first page of google search results? How do you get your product in front of your potential customers on social media? This is what digital marketing is all about. Giving you an advantage on the digital platform and giving you access to a relatively large market that you would not reach any other way. It is a gift to business that every business owner should embrace and it adds to your bottom line because if you do it right, you will get good sales conversions. We are in an era where technology fuses with every profession and is no longer just an industry but a movement. Do not get left behind, jump onto this digital wave because it is the only way to get into the future of business.

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