Time is the most valuable and scarce commodity in the world. Fortunately, we all get an equal share of this rare artifact. Let’s face it, it’s the only thing in the world fairly distributed. We all have twenty-four hours in a day and seven days in a week. We are recommended to get a maximum of eight hours of sleep every night for great health and good productivity levels. If you can do basic math you know that leaves you with sixteen hours to make things happen. The difference between success and failure is a result of what you choose to do with those sixteen valuable hours. If you had to pick a rough figure, how much would you say your time is worth?

Someone asked me about three years ago, if I had to charge for my time, what would be my hourly rate? I took me quite some time to figure that one out. He told me to consider my skillset, my experience and the opportunity cost. How much would I make in that one hour if I wasn’t working for him? It was a tough question but really think about it, what is your time worth?

How much is your time worth?

Think of the successful people you know, how many people do they have working for them? I was watching one of Caroline Mutoko’s talks at centonomy and she mentioned something about having more than 24hours in a day because she pays for her employees’ time. And it is true, if you are working for me 8 hours in a day and working to accomplish my goals, isn’t it safe to say that those 8 hours are mine? Also think about those successful people, they barely sleep because they almost can’t afford to. They have a lot of important things to do and not enough time. So how can you best utilize your limited time in order to get from where you are to where you want to be?

You have to make a sacrifice at some point in your life, make a decision to chase your dreams because you need to invest in them. The best time to do this is when you are young and energetic. If you can manage to party all night, you can work late into the night too. Start that business, put your time into that job and the rewards will come. When they do, you can afford to pay for someone else’s time and rest as much as you want. Isn’t that the end goal? To afford to stay at home when you want but still be making money either way?

It is not enough to have time, you need quality time. Why is another person’s time worth a lot more than yours? What value have you added to your twenty-four hours? What are your skills? What do you bring to the table and how is it different and more beneficial than the next person? Invest in personal development! Add value to your time such that your one hour is able to bear results worth this much. It is valuable.

The difference between a great driver and every other driver is his reaction rate. How fast he can evaluate a situation, the possible scenarios and their consequences before he makes a judgment call and do all that in a split second. Some people’s first instinct is to step on the brakes or in some cases step on any pedal. A great driver seeks to avoid an accident and if that’s not possible, go for minimum damage. He is able to avoid a catastrophe in less than a minute. What is the most you can do with a minute, or a split second?

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