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About Me

About me


Elizabeth Njambi




Date of birth:

21 April 1990


Kikuyu Town, Kenya



I have more than 2 years of experience in the field of Digital Marketing and Web Designing. I specialize in social media marketing. Professional in web design, Social Media Marketing & Management, domain registration and hosting, content creation etc.

I am your go-to person for your personal/business' online presence. I take care of your social media accounts and pages as well as your other digital marketing tools such as your website and google ads so that you can focus on what you do best, your business!

What i do best



Digital Marketing

I provide social media marketing and management services, google ads management, newsletters and mass email distribution among other digital marketing solutions. Each service package is tailored to best suit each client and their specific needs and targets.

Content creation

Need a business blog but having trouble with content? Worry no more, I provide content; whether it is a blog article, website content, company profile or any other written material. Don't let content creation slow you down, talk to me!

Domain registration and hosting

I provide domain registration and hosting services. I get you set up, create the email addresses you require e.g. and provide technical support e.g. uploading your website and other related issues.

Website Design

Create a website and let people know what you do best whether it's business, blogging or you want to put your C.V up for your potential employers to see. I'll create a unique, simple but elegant design that achieves your goals and represents you well.

What I'm good at

My Skill

My Skill

My Professional Strengths

“Learning how to learn is one of the most important skills in life” - Norma Fauziyah

Let me give you a little back story; I have studied accounting and Economics but somehow found myself in the IT world. It's an interesting and constantly evolving industry so I found myself drawn to it, that and the interest in business. Regardless of what industry you are in, technology is a large part of business today and I want to be at the centre of business and technolgy hence my current profession.

I believe that self-taught skills are sharper than "class-taught" because of the interest, the passion and the drive to learn these skills. I have self-taught myself most of the tech and digital marketing skills I know and working with a top notch programmer in the last two years also helped alot. I'm always willing and eager to learn new skills and tricks in the tech industry and other industries as well so that I can best serve my clients. Long story short, I love what I do, I am passionate about it and quite good at it too. So talk to me about getting you set up with a strong online presence.

  • Social Media Marketing and Management
  • HTML5 & CSS3
  • Content Creation
  • Domain and hosting set up



Pretty Good


Language skills

Content creation is merely telling your story, be it business or personal. My top writing language is English but if you want to try something different, here are the languages I know.





Ask me about

Though my skill set is limited, I have a great team in different businesses that I work with that have different sets of skills. If you require any of the following services, I'm your go-to lady.

  • Mobile App Development
  • Logo and Business cards design
  • Insurance(medical, education, car, personal accident e.t.c)
  • Photography
  • Branding
  • Tax Consulting
  • Property Management
  • System and Sofware Development
  • Drip Irrigation Kits
  • Wifi set-up
  • Event Organising
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